Simone Ramello

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From November 2021 I will be a doktorand at Mathematics Münster under the supervision of Franziska Jahnke and Martin Hils. My main mathematical interests are model theory and its interactions with algebra and geometry.


In the Winter Semester 2021/22 I am co-organizing the Introduction to Stability Theory seminar.

Events and conferences

Short Model Theory Huddle 2, 27-30.09.2021
Short Model Theory Huddle, 23.05.2020

Mathematical writing

Étale methods in model theory, my master thesis (Slides from my defense)
Étale methods in the model theory of fields, 06.05.2021
The elementary theory of all pseudofinite fields, 21.04.2021
The cell decomposition theorem, 01.12.2020
Some model theory of flat modules, notes for a seminar
Through the Λ-glass, my bachelor thesis